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If you are like most small to medium sized businesses, the costs and risks associated with your employees are not only frightening but in many cases can stifle your operation, cripple innovation, and burden financial growth. From the massive amounts of insurance coverage needed to comply with regulatory requirements, to infrastructure, you’ll often lose money before your employee’s even punch the time clock. Adding up your accounting fees, processing fees, vacations, sick days, leaves you to wonder where do employee costs end?

Highly Qualified Experts Without the Risk
We can help by offering a wide variety of VE’s (Virtual Employees) with the skills you need while reducing cost and eliminating most of the risk associated with traditional employees.  Similar to a virtual office, a virtual employee can play a critical role in your organization ranging from a technical guru, customer service agent, sales & marketing, accounting, or simply as an assistant, it’s up to you!

Advantages of Virtual Employees
Unlike a traditional employee, a virtual employee doesn’t have an expectation of vacation or sick leave, holiday bonuses or overtime. With a virtual employee, there’s no need to pay payroll taxes, no workman’s comp claims, or unemployment fees because with your virtual employee it’s simply about the results you need.

Compare the Benefits For Yourself:

Traditional Employee Virtual Employee
Payroll Prep / Fees Yes No
Payroll Taxes Yes No
Workman Comp Liability Yes No
Unemployment Yes No
Local / State / Federal Fees Yes No
Higher Level Skills vs Cost No Yes
Health Insurance Yes No
Vacation Pay / Leave Optional No
Sick Pay / Leave Optional No
Overtime Yes No
Holiday Pay Optional No
Office Space Yes No
Equipment / Software Licensing Yes No
Advanced Computer Skills Unknown Yes

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