iO7 Kills iPhone 4S Wifi


The iPhone 4S could be the “king among kings” when talking about mobile phones. It’s a masterful device packed with countless life hacking features all merged into an amazingly simple design. Reviewers like phone arena, rank the 4S in at 8.3 out of a potential 10, while techradar gives it a 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. With ratings that high, it’s safe to assume most 4s owners love their iphones….until iOS 7.

One Way Upgrade
If you’ve upgraded from iOS6 to iOS7, you’ve probably discovered a few problems like excessive battery drain, slow keyboard response when typing and connectivity problems.  For better or worse, the new marriage to iOS7 is permanent as there’s no known method available to roll back to the previous version.  Not a big deal right? Our in office magic eight ball says, “Don’t count on it.” as iOS7 has many owners bursting with frustration and anger as their once perfect communication and mobile Internet device is now loaded with aliments. For now, Apple has publicly accepted some responsibility for recent issues offering updates to iOS7 but they’ve failed to acknowledge perhaps the most serious claims which include hardware failures specifically on the 4S. Regardless of their acceptance or not, Apples’ own support forums, have firmly affixed blame on the new operating system.

Can software really cause a hardware issue?
Yes. In fact, over clocking a tactic employed by PC gamers is achieved through software and is intended to improve performance. Just like a good Star Trek episode, the individual informs a computer to override the available safety protocols for more power. If that sounds like fiction, ask any gamer who’s pushed the envelope too hard and they’ll testify that CPUs can overheat and video cards can fry and therein lies the suspected root cause, heat.

Photo Nov 06, 12 26 47 AMWiFi Grayed Out
The most common and perhaps prolific complaint is that the 4S is unable to use wifi. Within the settings, owners physically can’t turn on their wifi as the toggle button is grayed out (dimmed). Internet rumors abound claim that the iOS7 update allows more heat to flow to the wifi chip and in response the iPhone turns the chip off in an effort avoid permanent damage to the device. These claims have birthed a few crazed approaches where owners are placing their 4S into a freezer, while others suggest actually taking the phone apart and applying more heat directly to the wifi chip with a hair dryer or heat gun.

iPhone on Ice
Fortunately, we found a 4S with a grayed out wifi setting and can confirm that after placing the phone inside of a plastic bag and then the freezer for approximately 20 to 25 minutes, that the wifi toggle could be enabled. It is important to note however, that the wifi feature didn’t work properly and within just a few moments of being at room temperature, the phone lost the ability to see available networks. Sadly, within thirty minutes, the wifi option was again grayed out.

Apple’s Recommendations
Obviously Apple’s response to this problem doesn’t include chilling your phone next to the frozen waffles, they do suggest resetting the phones network configurations, performing hard reboots, and restoring the device from a back up. Unfortunately, none of Apple’s suggestions fixed our issue, the 4S was still sickly. Apple’s final suggestion, bring the device to a retail location. Having no new ideas, we obliged but the phone was out of warranty (by two days) so we were informed we could purchase a refurbished device for $199.00. WARNING! before you run out and purchase a refurbished 4S, know that many owners are reporting that they are now on their third, fourth, or even fifth replacement devices experiencing the same issue over and over. Oh and yes, they are all running iOS7.

What’s Next?
Given there’s much speculation on this issue, it’s unknown if Apple will do the right thing and address it or if in fact, the update and failures are all part of a larger hidden strategy to force owners to upgrade. Conspiracy theory? Perhaps but stranger things have happened. Regardless, many iPhone owners are for the first time using words like, “shame on you” and “betrayed”  in Apple’s forums as they openly discuss defecting to Samsung.

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