How to find your UDID in iOS7

Shorty after my upgrade to iOS 7, I needed to add a UDID to a new app build. If you aren’t familiar, before apps are available via Apple’s app store, developers have to hard code a device(s) identifier (UDID) into their development versions. Without doing this, apps won’t install and can’t be tested on a physical device. Having been through this process a gazillion times, I was a bit rattled when received the following error trying to install an app profile:

Cannot Install Profile
Safari could not install a profile due to an unknown error.

A little experience here points to a few causes:

1) The browser used doesn’t allow cookies
2) The UDID is incorrect or hasn’t be included in the development build

After checking my browser settings and verifying that cookies were enabled,  I quickly realized that my trusty app for retrieving my device identifier wasn’t working. By not working I mean the app produced a UDID beginning with, “FFFFFFFF” which didn’t seem correct.  After a few tests, it became clear, the old way simply wasn’t going to work.  After a little research I found that iOS7 has marked the official end of apps which can harvest and report individual UDIDs; the love and hate relationship continues. In order to get the needed UDID, you must connect your device to iTunes, (or XCode but that’s for another post), look at the sun on June 21st…just kidding, try the steps below.

How to Get Your UDID in iTunes (version 11):

1) Connect your iOS7 device to itunes
2) Under devices click your device name
3) On the top panel ensure “Summary” is clicked
4) On the summary page, click the text to right of “Serial Number” and your UDID will display.
5) Select you UDID and then copy
6) Paste your UDID as needed

 Got a better way? Let us know. We’d love to share your method.

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