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Good Developers vs. Great Developers

Have you ever taken your car to the shop only to find that when you arrived the very problem you needed resolved seems to have vanished? Gremlins aside, you then make an audible attempt to mimic your car. The look on the mechanics face, that feeling of well…silliness looms, you’re probably frustrated or embarrassed. If […]

Learning to Buy a Website

Learning to Buy a Website Remember the first time you bought a business card? I sure do, I was about twenty and the excitement was indescribable. I was actually doing it, I was starting my own business and just knowing that within a few days I could rub elbows with the local business crowd at […]

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Perhaps one of the most common questions I answer on a daily basis, “How much does a website cost?” Frankly, all designers and developers hate this question because there’s no quick or easy answer. In fact, I typically break every rule of politeness that my mother ever taught me by answering with the following, “How […]