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5 Tools You Don’t Want to Live Without

Regardless of your background or profession, we’ve compiled a small list of 5 great tools you may have never heard of that can get you organized, help you make decisions, reduce your back office stress and share files easily with anyone on any device. We look forward to your feedback and hope you’ll share your […]

How to find your UDID in iOS7

Shorty after my upgrade to iOS 7, I needed to add a UDID to a new app build. If you aren’t familiar, before apps are available via Apple’s app store, developers have to hard code a device(s) identifier (UDID) into their development versions. Without doing this, apps won’t install and can’t be tested on a […]

iO7 Kills iPhone 4S Wifi

The iPhone 4S could be the “king among kings” when talking about mobile phones. It’s a masterful device packed with countless life hacking features all merged into an amazingly simple design. Reviewers like phone arena, rank the 4S in at 8.3 out of a potential 10, while techradar gives it a 4.5 stars out of […]