Reubro USA
In today’s business climate, outsourcing both domestic and internationally can’t be overlooked regardless if you are in favor or not. With shrinking budgets and foreign competitors, outsourcing can provide the needed cost savings to launch new products or innovation. Reubro USA specializes in the best of both worlds combining domestic based project management and leadership with outsourced contractors in the US and abroad thereby eliminating risks and saving clients up to 70%.

Social Offender
If you’ve chatted, had a romantic interest, or purchased a product or service online, you’ve probably experienced an offensive exchange with a nameless, faceless individual online. You and other like you do not have to standby idle as those who conduct themselves in a disorderly manner online aren’t accountable, the rules have now changed. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can report your interactions with those (screen names, email addresses, etc.) you’ve encountered online to help others make informed decisions about their online social interactions.