5 Tools You Don’t Want to Live Without

Regardless of your background or profession, we’ve compiled a small list of 5 great tools you may have never heard of that can get you organized, help you make decisions, reduce your back office stress and share files easily with anyone on any device. We look forward to your feedback and hope you’ll share your […]

How to find your UDID in iOS7

Shorty after my upgrade to iOS 7, I needed to add a UDID to a new app build. If you aren’t familiar, before apps are available via Apple’s app store, developers have to hard code a device(s) identifier (UDID) into their development versions. Without doing this, apps won’t install and can’t be tested on a […]

iO7 Kills iPhone 4S Wifi

The iPhone 4S could be the “king among kings” when talking about mobile phones. It’s a masterful device packed with countless life hacking features all merged into an amazingly simple design. Reviewers like phone arena, rank the 4S in at 8.3 out of a potential 10, while techradar gives it a 4.5 stars out of […]

Good Developers vs. Great Developers

Have you ever taken your car to the shop only to find that when you arrived the very problem you needed resolved seems to have vanished? Gremlins aside, you then make an audible attempt to mimic your car. The look on the mechanics face, that feeling of well…silliness looms, you’re probably frustrated or embarrassed. If […]

Creativity a Five Minute Exercise

We all have trouble dreaming up innovative ideas. We seem to lose this ability (along with so many others) as we age. Being in a creative field, this is a problem. My solution, I still actively pretend and explore imagination when possible, flexing my inner child. Need an example? Pretend you’re the newest hire at […]

5 Quick Google AdWords Tips

  If you want to know how the “Pros” roll, take the following five tips to heart when working your magic with Google AdWords.  1) Don’t Start With Broad Match If you have a limited budget (or don’t know your budget) set the most popular keyword(s) to phrase match initially. Allow your campaigns to run […]

“Bang With Friends” Not So Discreet

If social networking and the web have accomplished anything, they’ve given us a quick and easy way to find those like ourselves based on interests, geographic location, relationship status, and the list continues. However, considering those factors and the wide variation of social venues, some specialized for business, some focusing on the obscure, one thing […]

Learning to Buy a Website

Learning to Buy a Website Remember the first time you bought a business card? I sure do, I was about twenty and the excitement was indescribable. I was actually doing it, I was starting my own business and just knowing that within a few days I could rub elbows with the local business crowd at […]

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Perhaps one of the most common questions I answer on a daily basis, “How much does a website cost?” Frankly, all designers and developers hate this question because there’s no quick or easy answer. In fact, I typically break every rule of politeness that my mother ever taught me by answering with the following, “How […]

Google’s Death Blow to SEO

In the world of traditional search engine optimization (SEO) there are two creatures that bring out fear and terror, pandas and penguins. It’s true, both creatures are stirring up quite a bit of trouble but the difference between the clumsy flightless bird and the adorable bear is that these animals,  “Panda” and “Penguin” are code […]