Ethermark, Inc. is provides one stop technical marketing, design, development and on-call virtual employees to small business, traditional marketing and advertising agencies with limited in-house technology resources.

Our Philosophy: 

  • Act as if we are spending our own money, over deliver on every client project & control cost
  • Avoid the trendy, cool, or flash in the pan ideas or technologies that serve no actual business purpose
  • Building value and additional benefits is a requirement not an option
  • Never assume the client is satisfied, ask the question, wait for the answer and incorporate their feedback
  • Never approach a new client or project as a number or potential payday but as a lasting friendship
  • Show, don’t tell! Teaching our clients best practices is conducted “hands on”
  • Expanding our products and services isn’t an option it’s a requirement for our organization to survive
  • Always stand by our deliverables by providing consistent and prompt service when its needed EVERYTIME!
  • Avoid “sounding smart” instead, demonstrate intelligence by pursuing innovation and living by the duties of loyalty and care
  • Always be prepared to break the rules in order to “do the right thing” for our clients
  • Ensure that our clients know we are ALWAYS APPROACHABLE when the need arises
  • Never make our clients feel bad or afraid to reach out to us with their problems. Instead, listen to their problem, and never make the assumption that they are the cause
  • Customer service means, put yourself in the clients shoes, ask what is needed and deliver
  • Never hide behind automated telephone menus or email addresses

Sean A. McCoy – CEO & Founder

Sean has worn several different hats during his professional life as a musician, dot-com entrepreneur and the Chief Marketing Officer of AIT, Inc. For almost two decades, Sean’s creativity and experience have been utilized in product development, Internet services, and website design. His sense of humor and leadership have allowed him to create and manage diverse teams both domestically and abroad. Sean’s passion lies in a drive for “doing the job right” and not being tethered to conventional thinking. Experience in planning, building, marketing, and executing successful technologies for both small and large company’s alike serve to benefit Ethermark’s clients daily.