5 Tools You Don’t Want to Live Without

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Regardless of your background or profession, we’ve compiled a small list of 5 great tools you may have never heard of that can get you organized, help you make decisions, reduce your back office stress and share files easily with anyone on any device. We look forward to your feedback and hope you’ll share your list of must have resources with us.

Do You Want to Start A Subscriber Driven Business In Two Minutes?
If you’ve ever wanted to start a book of the month club or send custom t-shirts on subscription basis you may have found difficulty figuring out how to start. You can stop looking and get ready to sell with Peakium. Within two minutes, Peakium promises to establish your online subscription business with all the tools you need to get up and running fast. The best part, it’s inclusive and affordable.

Are You Indecisive or Need Friendly Opinions When Making Choices?
Maybe you’re in a dilemma as to which college to attend or what eco friendly car to buy? Or perhaps you just want to know which of the films playing at your local theatre is best. Pollka is in a nutshell a social decision engine that allows you to post questions to your friends and see their opinions both online and via mobile application. Available for both Droid & iOS, catch this one early as it’s bound to be a hit in the near future. Now we can finally have a second opinion besides our in office magic eight ball.

Is Quickbooks A Complete Overkill for Your Small Business? 
For most small businesses, back office tasks specifically accounting are intimidating and never fun. Quickbooks though comprehensive in many ways is total overkill when you simply need to invoice and keep payment records. The folks at Freshbooks have taken the clutter out of accounting and provided a great tool set for those who need simple and easy book keeping at an affordable price. Check out their free trial, we signed up and created a company and invoices in less than five minutes. 

Are You An Expert At Something or Do You Need Expert Advice?
Clarity is a simple to use and easy to join directory of over 20,000+ experts who are ready to take your call on just about any topic. In just minutes you can find a social media expert, small business marketing gurus, a tech wiz. Once you’ve found an expert, you arrange a call and connect. If your an expert, create an account, publish your area of expertise, your rates.

Ever Had to Share A File From You Mobile to Desktop & Back?
One of the most frustrating parts of today’s multi-platform computing is that we often lack accessibility to files and folders when we change platforms. You know the drill, you’re on your mobile but need a file on your desktop or maybe eyou need to share a file with a less than tech savvy individual that’s too large to email? Dropbox is an absolute must have that solves these and many other problems. With a simple app install to your desktop and mobile devices you can have instant access to your shared files and folders while securely sharing with others. If you haven’t tried Dropbox, shame on you! No seriously, sign up now….don’t worry we’ll wait.


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