5 Quick Google AdWords Tips


If you want to know how the “Pros” roll, take the following five tips to heart when working your magic with Google AdWords.

1) Don’t Start With Broad Match

If you have a limited budget (or don’t know your budget) set the most popular keyword(s) to phrase match initially. Allow your campaigns to run for a predetermined period and view the potential volume of searches via the impressions. If you see little or limited activity, add the same keyword(s) as broad match using an equal bid and pause the original. Monitor closely and you’ll quickly be able to determine the best option for the keyword(s) you are using.

2) Quality Score

If you see evidence of a low quality score, consider revising your ad copy to contain one or several of your keywords where possible. Also, increase your bid slightly and monitor closely measuring improvement. Continue to adjust you bid as needed until your score improves.

3) Verify Your Conversion Tracking Is Conditional

Many rookies make the mistake of simply adding their conversion tracking code to a response page without considering conditional arguments. Put another way, if your response shows validation errors requiring the user to click back, you may find your conversion counts are inaccurate as they are being counted on page load and not as part of a successful condition.

4) Ensure Your Campaigns Contain Some Long Tail Keywords and Phrases

“Hotels in Orlando Florida Near Universal Studios” might be considered a long tail in that it’s not “Hotels Orlando Florida” or “Hotels Universal Studio Florida”. Individuals who search with this level of detail tend to have better conversion than generalized terms.

5) Experiment

Take the rule book and throw it out. If you have a gut feeling about an ad, a keyword or tactic give it a try. Be sure to keep your eye on your spend, set aside an experimentation budget and try new approaches often. The best performing campaigns don’t last forever and when the hard day come (and they will) your perspective and approach to overcoming those issue will come from your experience and knowledge of your products, services, and the AdWords system.

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